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Let's Play Transport Fever 2  Transport Simulator TOP 5 Supercomputers in the world  How Much faster? PlayStation 5 - AMD VEGA 12 TFLOPS GPU & RYZEN16 Core CPU - Shipping in 2018 What is Floating-Point Performance? - YouTube Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - PS3 - Benchmark - CPU 3.2GHz Cell - GPU NVIDIA RSX 400 GFLOPS

Price Efficiency - single 0.56 €/GFLOPS 1.92 €/GFLOPS 0.29 €/GFLOPS 1.39 €/GFLOPS 3.59 €/GFLOPS Power Efficiency - single 72 GFLOPS/W 78 GFLOPS/W 72 GFLOPS/W 72 GFLOPS/W 78 GFLOPS/W Table 3. Xilinx SoC and FPGA Characteristics Compared Comparing Key Performance Indicators Table 4 mixes together representative graphic cards and 1086.8x better floating-point performance: 6,738 gflops vs 6.2 TFLOPs Around 23% lower typical power consumption: 150 Watt vs 185 Watt Around 20% better performance in PassMark - G3D Mark: 10465 vs 8742 Here is the GFLOPS comparative table of recent AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs in FP32 (single precision floating point) and FP64 (double precision floating point). I compiled on a single table the values I found from various articles and reviews over the web. Well not exactly. Teraflops are really only a good measurement of performance if you're only running complex math and doing nothing else (think bitcoin mining or physics simulations). For example: The rx 480 has 5.8 Tflops and is a pretty capable GPU. However, the 980Ti only has 5.6 Tflops. Now wait a second. I was able to find the theoretical DP peak performance 371 GFlop/s for the Xeon E5-2690 in this Processor Comparison (interesting that it is easier to find this information in Intel's competitor than Intel support pages itself). However, when I try to derive that peak performance my derivation doesn't match:

[index] [32118] [25382] [24089] [34926] [12106] [11600] [1162] [15799] [8495] [3202]

Let's Play Transport Fever 2 Transport Simulator

Xbox Series X mit 12 TFLOPS Xbox Talk Livestream vom 01.03.2020 H4NS H4NS 126 watching Live now CONNECTING TOWNS - Transport Fever 2 #11 - Duration: 1:10:23. PlayStation 5 Is Coming 2017 With 12 TFLOPS GPU & 16 Core CPU - It's a Beast April's Fools Day People - The source of this information is my imagination really :) I hope you enjoyed it :) BTW. gigaFLOPS GFLOPS 10^9 teraFLOPS TFLOPS 10^12 petaFLOPS PFLOPS 10^15 exaFLOPS EFLOPS 10^18 zettaFLOPS ZFLOPS 10^21 yottaFLOPS YFLOPS 10^24 ... Floating-point operations per second, or FLOPS, is a performance metric you see on certain processors, notably GPUs. But what the heck does "floating-point" ... for more gaming news, reviews & tech - Follow us on Facebook! Royalty Free Music - www.aud...